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Bachelor Of Digital Graphic Design (Honours) (N/200/6/0021/MQA/PA11217)
Diploma in Graphic Design & Creative Media (R/481/4/0232)

The Diploma of Graphic Design & Creative Media will introduce to a range of Art, Design and Media skills including graphic design, photography, drawing, printmaking, printing, audio and video, illustration, animation and web design. Students are work with a variety of materials and techniques both traditional and digital, and software including Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, 3D Max etc. Students will be explore the work of designers, artists, and media practitioners and will go on trips to complete primary research to help develop the new ideas.

Objectives of Programme

e objectives of this programme are in line with the Malaysian government towards encouraging wide spectrum of industrial research and embark on research and development activities. Through the programme, students will be able to:

Knowledge and technically competent in designing discipline in line with the company requirements.

Effective in communication and demonstrate good leadership quality in organization.

Capable to solve designing problems innovatively, creatively, and ethically through sustainable approach.

The process of lifelong learning skills, research and career development where graduate expose to entrepreneurial skills and broad business of a real world perspective.

Fakulti Komputer, Media & Pengurusan Teknologi [FKMPT]
Blok B, Bangunan Akademik,
Kolej Universiti TATI
Jalan Panchor, Telok Kalong
Kemaman 24000 Terengganu, Malaysia

Email: Penolong Pendaftar FKMPT
Phone: +609 - 860 1400
Fax: +609 - 863 2453

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