Non - Destructive Testing


Department of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) has grown in the number of academic and support staff coming from diverse background, bringing with them wide industrial experiences as well experiences from the academic world.

We offer industry relevant undergraduate programs with the curriculum accredited by the Malaysian Quality Agency (MQA).  The NDT graduates have been very successful in their pursuit for career and knowledge. With such qualities, NDT graduates are highly sought after by renowned companies. 

The Department is actively engaged in a number of research interests and areas, which has emphasis in the area of oil and gas and automation industries. The area where the researchers from the NDT department are currently pursuing has provided a venue for cross-disciplinary research to be done. This venue has also opened the doors for work to be done not only between different departments within TATIUC but also with external research groups, universities and industries. This initiative is further enhanced by the establishment of Non-Destructive Testing Expert Group. 

The Department of Non-Destructive Testing at TATIUC currently offers the following programs: 

Diploma in Non-Destructive Testing