Call For Paper

The 2nd International Conference on Robotic Automation System (ICORAS 2013) is a forum for scientists, engineers, and practitioners to present their latest research results, ideas, developments and applications in the areas of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence Method & Applications, Mechatronics System & Automation and Biomedical Engineering.

This conference (ICORAS 2013) will include presentations of contributed papers and state-of-the-art lectures by invited keynote speakers.

This conference welcomes papers address on, but not limited to, the following research topics:

Special Robotic Structures
Robot Applications Robot Sensors and Actuators
Robot Control
Autonomous Vehicles
Tele Robots
Medical Robots
Robots for Disabled
Robots for Space Applications
Autonomous Agents
Man Machine Interfacing
Digital and Analog Control
Bio Sensors and Control
Data Storage and Retrieval
Expert Systems
Image Processing
Gaze and Emotion Detection
Pattern Recognition
Speech Processing
Speech Analysis
Speech Recognition and Acoustic Engineering
Intelligent Process Systems
Information Management
Communication Systems
Vision Servo Drives
Mechatronics and Bio-Mechatronics
PLC, Microcontrollers and Microsystems
Soft Computing and Control methods
Environmental Aspects
Quality and Reliability
System Integration
Biomedical Image Processing
Cell Simulation and Modeling
Bio-signal Measurements
Hospital Automation
Human Machine interface
Rehabilitation for Disabled
Affective Computer Feedback
Brain-computer techniques