Guidelines for International Students

STEP 1 - Obtain Offer Letter

1. Please check your entry requirements and academic equivalency.
2. Fill out the Application for Admission Form and attach the required documents. Please send all scan copies to

STEP 2 - Obtain Visa Approval Letter (VAL)

1. Obtain an offer letter from TATIUC.

2. Send the Offer Acceptance Form to to accept the offer.

3. Our staff will apply your student pass to Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).

4. The Student Pass Application invoice will be sent to you via e-mail.

5. Make the *Student Pass Application payment to TATIUC. Please refer to the Payment Information for the payment methods.

6. Do health examination in your home country by using Health Examination Report for International Student issued by the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).

7. Submit all documents for Visa Approval Letter (VAL) application via e-mail or airmail:-

* Please be advised that this EMGS fee DOES NOT include Student Pass Sticker and Multiple Entry Visa (around RM80.00 - RM110.00) which will be issued by Terengganu State Immigration Office. The student is required to pay the fee to the International Office before International Student Officer surrendering his/her passport to the State Immigration Office for Student Pass Sticker affixation.

STEP 3 - Obtain Single Entry Visa (SEV)

If you are from the countries in GROUP A, you may need to obtain Single Entry Visa (SEV) from the Malaysian Embassy OR Malaysian Consulate OR Malaysian High Commission Office in your country to enter Malaysia.

If you are from the countries in GROUP B & GROUP C, you may enter Malaysia without a visa. You just need to show “Visa Approval Letter” at the Immigration Entry Point. Certain amount of fee may be charged upon entry.

STEP 4 - Arrange Your Arrival

1. Arrange your flight ticket to arrive in Malaysia before the last day of registration day. If you do not manage to arrive on the registration day itself, kindly inform the International Office for their further acknowledgement. Your VAL is valid for 3 months.

2. If you need an airport pickup, please refer to Airport Pickup information.

STEP 5 - Immigration Clearance and Airport Pickup

1. The Airport Pickup Service is only available to new international students arriving at TATIUC for the first time.

2. Our staff will meet you at the airport for the immigration clearance.

STEP 6 - University Registration and Medical Examination

1. You will undergo the Post-Arrival Medical Examination as required by EMGS at the panel clinics nearby. Our staff will advise you on this matter.

2. You are required to surrender your passport to the International Office for student pass sticker endorsement process.

STEP 7 - Student Pass Sticker Endorsement

1. Once your medical examination is successful, you are required to pay the Student Pass Sticker to the International Office. The fee generally ranges from RM60.00 to RM110.00, depending on your nationality. This process may take up to 2 - 3 weeks.

2. Our staff will notify you once your passport is ready for collection.