Health Insurance

It is compulsory for each student entering Malaysia to study to have medical insurance. You will be insured from the date you enter Malaysia if you have informed your institution of the date.

All International Students must be covered by a locally purchased Medical and Health Insurance (‘Medical Insurance’). An International Student, through TATIUC, can opt to purchase Medical Insurance offered by EMGS.

EMGS offers 3 Medical Insurance packages (namely Silver, Gold and Platinum), all of which meet the minimum coverage set out by the Ministry of Education (‘MOE’) in terms of types of cover and the limits of cover.

AIA - Medical Insurance Packages

AXA - Medical Insurance Packages

More details about the Packages and Insurance Premiums Information available here.

The pricing of the current insurance premiums for all 3 insurance packages is valid until 31 January 2017

Insurance Top-Up

Students are reminded that it is compulsory for them to have a valid medical insurance throughout the period of study. International students whose medical and health insurance cover period expires prior to the expiry of their existing student pass are required to top up/extend their insurance for a period up to the expiry of their existing student pass or a maximum of 12 months from the insurance start date, whichever is lower.