Faculty of Media Computer and Technology was established to produce programmes related to information and communication technology (ICT). The main objective is to produce more graduates who can master the latest technology and highest quality. Program in the field of ICT could be further enhanced to meet the demand for ICT workers. TATiUC hope ICT graduates are able to use existing technology as well as developing new technologies in the field of ICT.

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Faculty Media Computer and Technology,
Block B, Academic Building, TATiUC Campus, Telok Kalong,
24000 Kemaman, Terengganu.
Tel: 09 863 5530/5531 . Faks: 09 863 2453
Email: fkmt_admin@tatiuc.edu.my
Head of Department
Computer Networking
Head of Department
Computer Science
Head of Department
Creative Media Graphic
Wan Roslina binti Wan Othman
Master of IT (UiTM)
Bachelor of Science(Hons) (IT) (UiTM)
Diploma in Computer Science (UiTM)
09 - 8635531 Ext : 608
Mohd Tamizan bin Abu Bakar
Bachelor of Science (Computer) (UTM)
09 - 8635531 Ext : 691
Nurul Haslinda bt Ngah
M. Comp.Sc. (Software Engineering) UPM
Bachelor of Information Technology (UiTM)
09 - 8635531 Ext : 688
Mohd Khairil Hafizi bin Muhamad
Bachelor of Fine Metal Design,
Diploma in Fine Metal Design (UiTM)
09-863 3863 Ext: 621

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