Centre of Preparatory and General Studies (PPPA) is an academic service center. It not only offers students preparation to a higher level through the foundation programme but it offers courses in the university requirement that must be taken by all students regardless of their academic programmes in language, science, mathematics, information technology and optional subjects of Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA).

In line with the policy of the National Education Philosophy, among others, to create the perfect human capital development agenda and contribute to the competitiveness of national industries. Centre Of Preparatory and General Studies complements the programmes offered by the faculties.
Centre of Preparatory and General Studies,
Kampus TATiUC, Telok Kalong,
24000 Kemaman, Terengganu.
Tel: 09 863 5530 . Faks: 09 863 2453
Email: ppp@tatiuc.edu.my

Noraida bt Mustafar

Master of IT (UiTM)
Bachelor of Information Science (UKM)
Diploma in Information Technology (KUSZA)
09 8520485

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