Customer acceptance of cashless payment in Kemaman

  • Mazni Mohamed TATI University College
  • Shukriwani Sa’ad TATI University College
  • Sharifah Nawaitul Masdinar Syed A. Rahman TATI University College
  • Ahmad Farid Ridhwan Zakaria TATI University College
Keywords: Cashless payment TAM Consumer acceptance Technology


The study is a pilot study to customer acceptance of cashless payment. We choose Kemaman as the scope of study because of convenience factor and 100 respondents were choose as the sample of the pilot study. The purpose of this study is to identify the determinant of customer acceptance for cashless payment in Kemaman, Terengganu. According to Ramalingam (2012), Malaysians are starting to adopt cashless payment, but then the engagement is very low because of less knowledge and confident in security issues (Ozturk, 2016). In his study, Hataisaree (2008) found that some of this people are reluctant on cashless payment because they doubtful with the benefit that its offer. The study focused on acceptance of cashless payment in Kemaman society. Using existing Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) on cashless payment, 100 sets of questionnaire has been collected in order to generate data for the study. Two factors had been examined that are Perceive Ease of Use and Perceive Usefullness. The results showed that both factors had significant impact on acceptance of cashless payment in kemaman.

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Mohamed, M., Sa’ad, S., Syed A. Rahman, S. N. M., & Zakaria, A. F. R. (2020). Customer acceptance of cashless payment in Kemaman. International Journal of Synergy in Engineering and Technology, 1(1). Retrieved from