Cyberbullying campaign review for new implementation and prevention

  • A. Amarah TATI University College
  • Ghazali Daimin Universiti Teknologi Mara
  • Norhayatie I. TATI University College
  • Aini Zuriayati Abdul Kadir TATI University College
  • Tmhassan Wnidayu TATI University College
Keywords: Cyberbullying Awareness Campaign Digital Application


Today, it is important to realize that cyberbullying cases is growing fast among young people, and the situation may occur due to the availability of many interactive social media. Cyberbullying tends to refer to technology bullying who use internet combination with laptop, smartphone or tablet by using multiple platform such as email, social chat, personal blogging, publishing or sending embarrassing picture and video. The cybersecurity statistic from Malaysia shows the increase in cases from 250 to 389 in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, there were only 291 reported cases, and the number still remains high. Cyberbullying`s effect on its victims could never be clearly be seen because it involves psychological and emotional effect: meanwhile traditional bullying can observe physical injury. This research aims at findings the factor, effect and looking at the method of prevention for cyberbullying issues around the world. This issue has recently attracted attention from many parties and has become a major issue on social media and society. Public service announcement (PSA) has a highly persuasive emotional effect, educating a person`s value and lifestyle system and ultimately changing it; reforming ideals and loyalties. Digital media plays an important role in informing and helping to raise awareness`s in today digital worlds. In addition, the use of interactive elements in PSA is one of the creative prevention tools to address the issues. it shows from literature study that nearly all young people are very keen to use gadget and love social media. Social media empowerment should be beneficial by developing knowledge of cyberbullying as an educational tool to deliver a cyberbullying message.

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