IOT monitoring in NFT hydroponic system using blynk- an android platform

  • Farah Hanan Azimi TATI University College
  • Suzanna Ridzuan Aw TATI University College
  • Lia Safiyah Syafie TATI University College
  • Raja Siti Nur Adiimah Raja Aris TATI University College
  • Khairul Irwan Fikri TATI University College
  • Wan Raihan Wan Shafie TATI University College
Keywords: IoT hydroponic system NFT Electrical conductivity pH.


Intelligent farming is seen as the future of the agriculture industry by producing better cultivation quality. In order to create intelligent farming and informed decisions in time, modern farmers must be equipped with precise management and monitoring of the crop system with access to field environment data. Massive data can be analysed by using the Internet of Things (IoT) via the access and connection of different devices. In order to transmit and display system information online, IoT devices and software applications were integrated. In this study, we have developed an intelligent hydroponic system using nutrient film technique (NFT) with pH, electrical conductivity. Temperature and flow rate measurements monitored by the IoT system. Sensors were installed to monitor the parameters of the nutrient solution. The BLYNK application was   used as an interface that enabled users to monitor NFT hydroponic agriculture. The result shown the consistency of each parameter’s       reading by showing a great display of data acquisition where users could always monitor the parameters of the nutrient’s solution in every minute.

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Azimi, F. H., Ridzuan Aw, S., Syafie, L. S., Raja Aris, R. S. N. A., Fikri, K. I., & Wan Shafie, W. R. (2020). IOT monitoring in NFT hydroponic system using blynk- an android platform. International Journal of Synergy in Engineering and Technology, 1(1). Retrieved from