Malaysian brand identity of sports product

  • Saadiah A Rahman TATI University College
  • Ghazali Daimin Universiti Teknologi Mara
Keywords: Brand identity Malaysian brand identity Sports product


Brands have become an important marketing aspect in today’s business and marketing environment, ranging across different industries. It has been proven from time to time that there are brands are the most significant prizes that trade has ever made to popular culture. Brand identity is more important to an organization to represents their products, services and to remind the consumer that the brands are still around. Each of the products has their own brand and different from others. This research was based on the Malaysian brand identity of Sports Product. The problem of this study is on brand identity of sports product is basically associated with the lack of the sports local product in Malaysia because of the existing sports products in Malaysia are from global brands. The objective of this study is to identify the main elements that represent the Malaysian brand identity, to design an identity that can be accepted and used by all Malaysians and to recognize the design criteria that can be applied into the brand identity process. The data analyzed based on mix mode of methodology that is the questionnaires given randomly to respondents of public, athletes and designers. Interview sessions and contextual reviews were also held. The respondents were asked questioned based on the Malaysian brand identity and design of Malaysian brand identity of sports. From the analysis, the respondents agreed that a new identity emphasizing on the Malaysian elements and characteristic which are the combination of stylization the tiger stripes and tanjak that can portray the Malaysian sports image. The resulting through the new identity would also give the opportunity to explore the other context of the components of Malaysian brand identity which can be used later to simulate and provide Malaysian brand be accepted and used by all Malaysians

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