Safety road signage application for kids

  • Izzah Inani Abdul Halim TATI University College
  • A. Amarah TATI University College
  • Aini Zuriayati Abdul Kadir TATI University College
  • Norhayatie I. TATI University College
Keywords: Awareness Road Signage Application


The research was done since the increasing of road accident among the children. An average of 19 persons killed in road accidents every day in Malaysia, road accidents constitute a serious public health challenge to the nation. Almost every day there is news regarding kid’s accidents. Referring to this situation, the studies is done based on Malaysian road signage that suitable for kids between 4 to 7 years old to understand the meaning of the signage that used on the road in Malaysia. The purpose of this research is to develop appropriate application that can educate the children to understand the purpose of signage used regarding safety road in Malaysia. The application includes the picture of signage used at road side over Malaysia. The analysis being done by preparing a questionnaire that was distributed to 200 participants and the feedback receive is about 100. The question includes demographic variable and survey followed by their understanding the usage of signage, extent of knowledge and awareness of parents regarding road safety issues involving children and the development of application for children to learn about road signage. The result show a positive feedback from participant regarding road safety and they also agree the development of application over smart mobile are needed to support them in giving education about road signage and safety to their kids. The application is known as “Safety road for Kids”. Parent and children need to raise their awareness about road safety.

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