Review of Usability Model for Tourism Website

  • Nur Sukinah University College TATI
  • Noor Suhana University College TATI
  • Nur Liyana University College TATI
  • Wan Idayu University College TATI
  • Azliza Yacob University College TATI


Websites are important nowadays in the globalized competition. Almost all the organizations used the website to share information and as a medium of communication because it not only cost effective but also save time. Internet technology has been used traditionally in the tourism industry to provide access to reliable and accurate information, improve service quality, and contribute to greater traveler satisfaction. Website is creating engagement with the visitor pre-visit, thus increasing their motivation to visit, informing, shaping expectations, and signaling behavior appropriate for the site. Therefore, it is important to make the website usable as many of these sites offer little in the way of usual tourism structures and cues. This paper review previous research regarding usability model or tourism website.

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Sukinah, N., Suhana, N., Liyana, N., Idayu, W., & Yacob, A. (2020). Review of Usability Model for Tourism Website. International Journal of Synergy in Engineering and Technology, 1(2), 11-17. Retrieved from