Employee Perception Towards Information System Portal for Lecturers

  • Wan Roslina University College TATI
  • Syahrul Fahmy University College TATI
  • Nurul Haslinda University College TATI


The study aims to identify the perception of users towards the Lecturer Information System Portal at TATI University College. A model of the lecturer portal system success, consisting of four success measures namely system quality, information quality, user satisfaction, and system success is presented and validated. A questionnaire is distributed to lecturers at four academic faculties and results are statistically analyzed using descriptive frequencies, reliability, and multiple regressions. Results revealed a positive impact of all factors investigated namely system quality and user satisfaction; information quality and user satisfaction; and user satisfaction and success.

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Roslina, W., Fahmy, S., & Haslinda, N. (2020). Employee Perception Towards Information System Portal for Lecturers. International Journal of Synergy in Engineering and Technology, 1(2), 18-22. Retrieved from https://tatiuc.edu.my/ijset/index.php/ijset/article/view/50