Development of Eastern Region Travel Application

  • Nooraida Samsudin University College TATI
  • Mohd Asyran University College TATI


Tourism has become an important sector that has an impact on development of country economy. In East Coast of Malaysia, there are numerous tourist attraction that recognized by Tourism Malaysia and there are many national heritages that are significance to many regions. Even there are many package is offer user have difficulties to choose suitable package because there are many travel packages with different price. Beside that the information regarding travel agents is scattered and user having difficulties to find suitable travel package based on budget. Regarding to the problem stated, thus the objectives of this paper are to develop a travel mobile application for travelers to book travel package based on budget and to manage information of travel agent for eastern region. This work adapt ADDIE model in developing the application. This application offer travel packages for travelers to choose for travelling to East Coast of Malaysia. Questionnaires have been distributed to get users’ evaluation process. The result shows almost user satisfied with this application and it meet the expectation.

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