Development of Mobile Application to Recognition Muslim Products

  • Siti Norwahidayah University College TATI
  • Muhammad Aqil University College TATI
  • Noraniah Aziz University College TATI


Halal is an Arabic word that means permissible. A Halal certified product means that the product is permissible or acceptable in accordance with Islamic law.  For products to receive this certification, they must be from an acceptable source such as a cow or chicken and slaughtered according to these laws. By offering Halal certified products allows Muslim consumers to be confident that the products they use are in alignment with their culture and beliefs. However, in products, not all halal logo certified product can be identified as a Muslim product. This is due to the fact halal means it is faithful to the Islamic law but does not necessarily limits a non-Muslim to make a halal product and sells it. In Malaysia, some are even using “Jawi” writings on their product which may cause confusion in deciding or determining which products are truly made by a Muslim. This paper aim to develop mobile application that recognize Muslim product with halal certified via barcode recognition. The result proof that 96.7% of the respondents stated that they are more confident buying Muslim products using this application.

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