Development of a Prototype of Open-Source Network Management System

  • Salihah Zakaria University College TATI
  • Akhyari Nasir University College TATI
  • Syahrul Fahmy University College TATI
  • Nooraida Samsudin University College TATI


A network administrator usually experiences network problem in the form of lack of effectiveness and efficiency of monitoring network devices. This is because the processes and operations are manual, meaning that the network administrator must jump into the field directly to monitor all the resources. Thus, a monitoring system of network devices is required so that they can be controlled centrally. This paper discusses a study to overcome the issue related to the problem of monitoring network devices using open-source tools and software. Based on the results of its implementation, it shows that a free network monitoring software such as a LibreNMS is capable to track and monitor all devices both conditions and can notify the administrator if there is error in the network. This study proved that a free open-source solution could be deployed to establish a responsive network monitoring system just like a proprietary system do.

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Salihah Zakaria, Nasir, A., Syahrul Fahmy, & Nooraida Samsudin. (2020). Development of a Prototype of Open-Source Network Management System. International Journal of Synergy in Engineering and Technology, 1(2), 38-45. Retrieved from