About the Journal

The International Journal of Synergy in Engineering and Technology (IJSET) aims to provide a multidisciplinary platform for the advancement of knowledge in the areas of engineering, technology, business, management, education and social sciences in the area of synergy. Multidisplinary, diversify and integrated knowledge in technology, engineering, business and social are becoming the main essence to the real world. The synergy and crosslink of all disciplines give the synergetic effect, where the effect of the whole is greater than the sum of the effects of the individual parts. This creates the quintuple helix that will be generates socio-ecological stable.

 The International Journal of Synergy in Engineering and Technology (IJSET) is a single blind peer reviewed journal which publishes 2 times a year since 2020 (June and December). The journal is dedicated to various issues focusing on 4 different fields which are:-

Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Technologies. It is a platform for the publication and dissemination of original work which contributes to the understanding of the main disciplines underpinning the mechanical, materials and manufacturing engineering. The contents are a combination of engineering, physics and mathematics principles with materials science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.Original contributions giving insight into engineering practices related to mechanical, materials and manufacturing engineering form the core of the journal contents.

Chemical, Polymers and Environmental Technologies. and numerical investigations or report on full scale projects. The journal serves a crucial role for the publication of information from a wide range of disciplines and is a central outlet for the publication of high-quality peer-reviewed original papers, review articles and short communications. Original contributions for chemical, polymers and environmental engineering related practices will be publishing under this category and as the nucleus of the journal contents. The journal is intentionally interdisciplinary in regard to contributions and covers the laboratory, simulation and numerical investigations.

Electrical, Electronic and Instrumentation Technologies. It stands as a international medium for the publication of original papers concerned with the electrical, electronic and instrumentation engineering. The journal aims to present to the international community important results of work in this field, whether in the form of research, development, application or design.

Information Science and Technology. As the world embraces the fourth industrial revolution (and beyond), coupled with the advances in computing technologies including 5G networks, the importance of Information Science and Technology has never been more significant. Both theoretical and industrial best practices in new technologies and management approaches are highly sought including, but not limited to system development and implementation, communications and networking, policy and standards, and articles that advances the understanding and application of Information Science and Information Technology. Creative Media is a part of this cluster that aims to gather theoretical research and industry practices in the areas of Creative Media and Graphics. Business industry, to date, has recognized the importance of creative designs and has been focusing more on the “aesthetic” aspects of their products and services, transforming traditional promotional and marketing landscapes. As such, this journal seeks to engage with all category of industries to discover how different fields and disciplines can benefit from emerging tools, approaches and methods in creative media.