Examination of evaluation criteria for individual driver

  • Keita Nakanishi Mie University
  • Soichiro Hayakawa Mie University
  • Shigeyoshi Tsutsumi Mie University
  • Ryojun Ikeura Mie University
Keywords: Evaluation criteria comfortable driving individual subjective evaluation


The evaluation criteria for feeling comfortable driving are various by the person. Focusing on the evaluation of driving skills, Okita et al. fixed the constant Kid = F (EOV, ΔG) from the characteristics and actual running feel of the vehicle with EOV as the energy of the overshoot and ΔG as the acceleration change width causing this overshoot, the driving skill is judged based on the constant Kid. Yamakado et al. are verifying the formulation of a successful trajectory of vehicle train driving of expert driver as good driving. Although these are required from quantified indices, but they are not corresponding to the variation of individual subjective evaluations. If it can establish a method that can be adjusted to individual evaluation criteria, it is thought that driving assistance system can be brought closer to driver's preference. Therefore, the driving that the individual driver feels comfortable is assumed good subjective evaluation driving. And, we consider the selected good subjective evaluation from the plural driving and the quantitative characteristics of the operation.

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