An Online Community Security System for Preventing Home Burglary

  • Nurul Haslinda University College TATI
  • Afifah Fauzan University College TATI
  • Syahrul Fahmy University College TATI
  • Nurul Jannah University College TATI
  • Wan Roslina University College TATI


The lack of community bond has a negative impact to communities including burglary. The relationship between home burglary with community bond is negatively correlated; the stronger the community sticks together, the less burglary cases recorded. Therefore, a weak bond would lead to an increase of burglary cases. This work proposes a mechanism for community protection through the development of Community Security System, an online system for neighborhood monitoring. The initial idea was presented at a national Research and Innovation Week and this work is the materialization of the concept presented. An agile approach was adopted in the design and development of the system, ensuring that user requirements are fully met. The system provides the flexibility of neighbor selection, in addition SMS notifications. The system was validated in real community settings at a residential area in Kemaman and results have confirmed the feasibility and functionality of the system.

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Haslinda, N., Fauzan, A., Fahmy, S., Jannah, N., & Roslina, W. (2020). An Online Community Security System for Preventing Home Burglary. International Journal of Synergy in Engineering and Technology, 1(2), 28-37. Retrieved from